Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Looking Back

Today in class we discussed values and our morals.  We were to answer the question, if you were to die today what accomplishments would you be proud of and what would you be disappointed at for not accomplishing.  We also had to write our own obituary. (Creepy, I know!!) 

We all came to the conclusion that if we would have known that we were going to die "today" we would not have joined the LPN to RN nursing program, but instead we would have just stopped living this crazy life and hold our children.  We all feel guilty, including myself, for putting our children on the back burner while we are at class, in clinicals, studying, and working. 

This class made me ache for my little Maddie.... more than usual.  I remember holding and snuggling her, rocking her while we read a book.  Now she plays while mommy studies or is at Grandmas while I am at work.  I need to pause and realize that yes, school is important, but my little girl is growing up and I can not get these years back!!

Holding Maddie for the first time, April 2005

Someone captured Maddie talking to me on the phone one evening while I was at work!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cedar Point

I got half price tickets from work so I surprised Maddie with a day to Cedar Point.  She was so excited and we had a blast!  Uncle Jared and his friend Mitch came along. 

                                        Finally at Cedar Point after "are we there yet?" many, many times!! 
                                        (Thank you Uncle Jared and Mitch for being so patient :)

Our first ride...... The Corkscrew

Maddie's favorite rides where the Iron Dragon and the Monster


                                                                   Nice try, but no luck!

                                                            Riding the Giant Ferris Wheel

Shockingly, Maddie rode the Millennium Force.
She said she loved it, but when asked if she
wanted to ride it again, she very eagerly passed!!

Dip N Dots.  A must at Cedar Point!!

                                                                  What a little poser!

          We had such a good time..... a much needed break in our busy summer school/work routine!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Blogger

Maddie and I thoroughly enjoy reading other blogs and she has been begging for me start one about us....... so I finally gave in! :)  It took me along time to finally start one: I could never find the perfect name/title for it!  I wanted the title to pop, to perfectly describe Maddie and I.  We are bestfriends, two perfect pals!!  I decided "Just the Two of Us" was just going to have to work, and it is truly just the two of us..... which we are very happy and content with :)  We have many adventures together and we look forward to sharing them! 

Just a few or possibly a bunch of random pictures!!

My Grandpa and Grandma babysat Maddie one evening and she insisted on dressing as a "cowgirl!"

Reading a book to her kitty

Maddie got her THIRD set of ear tubes this May!  She was such a champ!
We love Akron Childrens Hospital!!

We went to Castaway Bay this past April for Maddie's 7th Birthday! We had a blast.  Maddie kept asking me, "Are you sure I am not dreaming??"