Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day #1: Tuesday August 14

Maddie and I had a week and a half off of school together so we did a quick little vacation.  Maddie has been wanting to go camping so we have been planning this trip to Kelley's island for a little over a month. 

   We left Tuesday afternoon at 1pm with a packed car...... all ready to camp!!

Waiting for the ferry at Marblehead to take us to Kelleys

And we are off......

Maddie was a little scared at first, but soon enjoyed the ferry

......And the adventure begins!

We reserved a site called "rent a camp" at the Kelley's Island State Park.  On the web site it showed pictures of this, but with a tent instead.  Maddie was a little disappointed at first, but we soon fell in love with what was going to be our little home for the next 2 nights.

The "rent a camp" also had a picnic table, gas camping stove, and a fire ring.

Right at the back of our site was a short path that led right down to the beach.  Right after we unpacked Maddie decided that we should take a dip in Lake Erie.

 Maddie did pretty good at keeping in her ear plugs.  I was worried that the lake water was going to get in and since she has tubes, cause a yucky infection.

This is where I was most content to be.  I am a sissy of fish and water snakes, I am just not a fan of lakes.  Maddie did convince me many times to wade in, but I never went under!

I did though sit in the yucky sea weed and make some sand castles!

Cooking supper on the handy dandy stove top.

I made Maddie's favorite meal for our first "camping supper."  Hamburgers and baked beans.  We also had some frozen peaches (thanks Aunt Julie) 

We went on many bike rides!  Am so thankful we brought our own bikes!!

Time for dessert!  We roasted marshmellows for smores and made marshmellow, chocolate, and peanut butter pies with a pie iron!!  YUMMY!!!

There were two little bunks with thin mattresses on either side of the cabin.  Maddie couldn't even imagine sleeping that far from me.  So I plopped the mattresses onto the floor and put a sheet over them to make a giant bed for both!  

We played 2 games of UNO and I read a chapter to her from Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew.  She soon fell fast asleep, whooped from her busy first day at camp!

Coming soon........ Day #2 Wednesday August 15th  (No fear... not near as many pictures!!)

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  1. Stacy! I am completely impressed with your wilderness skills. Even without a tent to sleep in I give you huge points. This looks like a great vacation. I can't wait to see Day2.