Monday, August 27, 2012

Barbies and Cartwheels

I was very impressed how well Maddie did camping.  She is a bit of a priss when it comes to bugs and germs.  Even though she managed to survive while sleeping with spiders and only washing her hands with sanitizer she wasn't able to give up her Barbies and her frequent flips!

(Notice the Barbies in her Barbie basket on her Barbie bike!  We did have to stop once while zooming down a hill because Ken fell out!!)


  1. love love love all your camping pictures! Glad all went great and you had a wonderful time!!!

  2. Found your blog google searching for pictures of Kelley Island State Park. You love to hear your opinions of the park (looks like you had fun) as well at the rent-a-cabin. Was thinking of getting one but didn't know if we needed to. We have all the "camping" stuff. Didn't know how handy it was to have a shelter and the extra space those "spots" seem to provide. If you don't mind sharing your thoughts - thanks