Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day #3/last day: Thursday August 16th

Thursday morning we had pancakes and bacon for breakfast.  My mom sent a cooler that could be plugged in and it worked as a fridge!  We were able to have milk, bacon, yogurt etc throughout our trip!

We had to be out of our "rent a camp" by 11:00.  We packed up after eating breakfast and headed for our last dip into the lake.

Maddie waving goodbye!

I even went in.... well up to my knees!

I took a little first aide kit since Maddie is prone to minor injuries.  Thank goodness my sunglasses were the only thing that required assistance. 

After about an hour at the beach we headed into town and rented a golf cart for an hour.

We stopped at the glacier grooves.

After lunch we headed home!!

On the ferry headed for Marblehead!

We had a lot of fun and it went WAY better then I thought it would.  We might slowly collect camping equipment prior to next year and attempt a longer camping trip!!

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